“Follow your heart!” I don’t think so!?

 “Follow your heart!”, the phrase is being more popular these days than ever. May be because of having around too many disciplines which ultimately end up pressurizing us and we want to escape from that by putting “I want to follow my heart!!”.

The original meaning is as profound and powerful as it is destructive if misused. Heart has different meanings in biology and in psychology (our general understanding). It is physical organism that just pump blood to others as in biology. Though the rate of pumping drastically affect the human nature. But in general terms of life, heart is (virtual) organism that produce feelings, intuitions, decisions, biased judgments towards loved ones. Though this is misconception that heart is capable of doing such things, it is rooted in out understanding of life.

We have biased perceptions, false assumptions, ignorance of facts, hatred to truth and also believes heart is responsible of these feelings and puts labels “I am this heart and you are that heart”. You are sweet heart when you are happy, rude heart when you are angry, dumb heart when you are in frustration etc., we never had control on our heart and feelings.

A kite is flying in the sky. Flying happily and peacefully as it is supposed to be. But it believes that air is balancing it. When good breeze comes, it goes higher. Kite fell for that attraction of flying higher by the good breeze, but was totally ignorant that it is going to follow unpredictable breezes. It wants to fly on its own, in that desire it detached from the thread. Now the kite is flying more higher, feels very happy. Finally concludes that “Following the air” made itself happier and higher in its life. But unfortunately the breeze slowed down, now the kite is falling slowly. Kite is thinking “OK, may be this is just its normal behavior. It will fly up again after this small interval”. But the breeze is being too unpredictable and kite is suffering too much disturbance. There comes the storm, wind suddenly becomes wild and blowing so fast. Kite is flying far away, now not even in its hand to get balanced. Finally the fierce storm tore it apart and poor kite had to end its life in distress.

We are like  the kites in sky, floating on unpredictable heart and feelings. Even though we detect its ups and downs, we take it granted labeling “mood swings“, “Its like that“, “The reality“, “The practical life“, “such a mature that I can detect these” totally ignoring we are not coming out of that illusion. For the kite to come out of the illusion, it had to admit that “The real happiness of surviving is to fly peacefully and balanced, no matter of what height it is flying”. It needs peace and balanced in its life and has to understand that it should not believe this unpredictable, unstable air, but has to put faith on the one who standing on the ground and is holding and balancing the thread. More stable the man is, more peaceful kite flies. Importantly, stability will not comes at first time and the man has to practice to do so.

In general our heart has to be stable to keep us peaceful and balanced. The modern sayings “Mood swings, love&Relationships has to be trashed and come out of illusions. It should be completely simple and extremely calm. When your heart is stable, empty, simple, calm from all types of feelings and perceptions, you started finding peace. You started cleaning of yourself. Only then you can understand true and profound meaning of “Follow your heart!”.


The ProperThinking

The man is distinguished from animal by his power of ability to think. This ability to think made the entire evolution of human kind while animal being just as animal.Without this screen of thinking animals, can see the world as it is, can see its prey as it is and thus can see itself just the way it is. But man started to see this world through the screen of thinking and his perception is manipulated by his thoughts.
Thoughts plants from mind through the seeds of knowledge and experience from his past life even he likes it or not. Thus he uses experience and knowledge to create thoughts which give results in favor of him, whether it is right or wrong or it’s against to society and nature. So the thoughts of man are highly manipulated with or with out his consciousness and creates the screen between him and his world.
What ever he precepts from the world is passes through screen of thoughts and thus his perception is manipulated by his thoughts. Thus the man could not able to see the reality in world. The real world has being manipulated according to his likes and dislikes but not according to right or wrong. Thus an imaginary world is created by his thoughts and is expected whatever happenings in there should be in his favor or liking. He beliefs his own imaginary world and contradicts others which are not according to his beliefs or favors. This phenomenon is seen everywhere as atheist contradicts the world of theist and vice versa. The world they are in is same. The eyes and other senses for both of them are same thus they both can see object as the way it is. But the contradiction arises because each of them has their screen of thoughts which are built on his belief or favor. He is not caring whether atheism is right or theism or both are wrong fundamentally. But he is caring if it satisfies his belief. Thus his own beliefs prevails in his own imaginary world.
Apart from his world, in the real world the happenings of nature or actions of other man brings pleasure or happy when they are in accordance with his imaginary world and sad, depression when it do not happen in accordance. So the ability to think is not evaluating the man kind but dividing it. Thinking is leading to separation. Thinking lead us to create religions, races,biases, rituals, cultures, organisations based only on our belief. He started to see other person as his relation who have same belief or religion and hates the remaining. As the world evaluates further and evolution of mankind proceeds, his ability to think is showing inevitable and bad effects. Now man is completely losing the capability to see the real world. He is dancing in an illusion created by the biased screen of thoughts as much as he thinks solely to satisfy this questionnaire.
Am I happy?
                            Will it be pleasure to work with him?
                            Is he belongs to same race of mine? etc.,
While he tries to satisfy or answers this questionnaire, he is thinking a lot. He is thinking a lot to find answers in favor of him. But the happenings in the real world is less dependent on him so, most of the times the answers are not turning out to be in favor of him. Then his imaginary world starts to tear apart as it going wrong. This disturbance making him sad, depressed and angry on people who is responsible for it, which is leading to increase the hatred. Eventually he starts to bring back his imaginary world by trying to manipulate the answers or circumstances, situations or environment which may be against to nature or which may be morally wrong, thus increasing the violence.
Now look at the whole , of which thinking bought to the man: Sad, depression, anger, hatred, violence. So how is man distinguished from the animal. Moreover he is morally draining down. If thinking is responsible for this, the and what about those who says “I over-think a lot”, considering it solves the problems. The answer cannot be explained.
If thinking degenerates the mankind then we should stop thinking. Thinking is evaluating us backwards so stop thinking to evaluate forward. Without the screen of thoughts man can perceive the object as object. He can see a tree as a tree. Without the screen of thoughts there remains the clear mind, clear soul. He can see the real world but not get trapped into the illusions of his imaginary world created by his thoughts. Now man can live in real world with out need to satisfy the questionnaire. Thus reduces the probability of sadness, depression, anger, hatred, violence until he can see the world as the way it is, with his clear mind.
Though the occurrence of thoughts are inevitable but stopping them is not impossible. You can do stop thinking through meditation.Meditation is being still and clear. Meditation is clearing thoughts. Meditation is clearing the comparisons. It is impossible to achieve the state of clear mind without meditation. There might be several ways to practice but they are based on meditation. It helps to see things as exactly the way it is, but not whether you likes or not. You can find it morally right or wrong. Here your beliefs do not manipulate because you don’t have one. If you have one it is true that you are not in real world but still in illusions. if there is no individual beliefs then you will not contradict with others opinions. Now you are perceiving a thing with balance on right or wrong, balance in others opinions, balance in environment, thus giving required weight to every considerations as required instead of just favoring one and ignoring the importance of remaining. This is proper thinking. Proper thinking leads to truth. If there is proper thinking then only the truth prevails. Truth is eternal happiness, by proper thinking you have achieved eternal happiness and satisfaction. Scientists, philosophers, spiritual leaders do not favor a particular material instead they look at things with their clear minds before a theory or invention is made, which would be eternal and world starts evaluating.